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Acknowledgements and Accomplishments

Q2 2015

Thank you to ADI’s branch managers Joanne Rowe and Lisa Boyer for inviting CANASA to exhibit free-of-charge at their Toronto and Winnipeg Expos.Central Ontario Regional Council member Mary Vella and Prairie Regional Council member Kim Caron assisted staff all day at the booth! Thank you to the Toronto branch for their generous $500 annual donation to CANASA!

Thank you to CANASA’s Audit Committee members for their brief but vital role reviewing and recommending the approval of the organization’s year-end financial statements and audit process.Kudos to Chair Don Budden, Carol Cairns, and Rhonda Downey for their thorough and in-depth work!

A big thank you to volunteers Karen McGee (Chair), Anita Brunet, Robert Branchaud, Don Budden and Neil Jones for completing the important and somewhat daunting job of reviewing all National Board nominations and for proposing a slate of Directors for members to approve at the AGM.

April 11 - BC Regional Council member George Robinson attended the College of Pharmacists of BC Town Hall meeting which focused on Robbery Prevention. A new policy was recently  passed that involves implementing minimum mandatory requirements for security equipment and systems for pharmacy’s.George provided information on how CANASA members can assist local pharmacists in meeting these new security requirements.

April 23 – Wyatt Brooks, member of the Central Ontario Regional Council, attended the ASIS Best Practices Seminar on behalf of CANASA, and represented the organization at the CANASA booth.Attending events such as this strengthens our relationship with this sister organization and may attract ASIS members to join CANASA.

May 7 – Thank you to Tri-ed and to Gord Hebb, Regional Manager of Atlantic Canada and member of CANASA’s National Board/Atlantic Regional Council, for inviting CANASA to their Tech Tour in Newfoundland.  Gord presented the overview of CANASA’s products and services to a full room of members and non-members! 

May 28 and June 2 – CANASA was welcomed at ADI Expo’s held in Ottawa and Edmonton by branch manager’s Kelly Hine and Andrew Clark.  Staff and council members ‘manned’ the booth, greeted members, and preached the benefits of CANASA membership.  

New CASC supporter – York University has announced that they will begin including the CASC as criteria in their tenders.

This was as a result of several people meeting with representatives at York to discuss the merits of the program, including Golden Horseshoe’s Mike Polo, and CANASA consultants Ruby Smiley and Michael White. As more volunteers promote the CASC program, we look forward to more adoptions such as this one!  

June 3 Several exceptional volunteers received awards at CANASA’s AGM in Ottawa (some were presented at events throughout Q2):

Honorary Member Award – Presented to Bert O’Grady, who has made significant contributions to CANASA over a span of 10 years and who has recently resigned from the Central Ontario Regional Council. 

Outstanding Contributor Award - Presented to Richard McMullen, who has contributed time and time again, to CANASA initiatives.

Regional Council of the Year - Presented to the Golden Horseshoe council (Joseph Rossano, Anna de Jager-Duplicki, Mike Polo, Kevin Allison, Roger Barnes, Paul Grossinger, Gene Blahut, David Lopinski and Scott Hammond), for being the most active council regarding advocacy, events, education, council and membership growth throughout the year.

National Presidents Award – Awarded to Philippe Bouchard for leading the organization for the past two years.

President’s Award of Excellence – Presented to Don Budden for his guidance and assistance to Philippe Bouchard, throughout his two year term.

Regional Council Presidents Award – Presented to George Robinson, Chris Strong, Neil Jones, Ellery Demedash, Richard McMullen, Jean Rho, Brian Gibbs, Chris Izatt, Joseph Rossano and John Milsom, for leading the councils for the past two years.

June 4 – CANASA’s New National Board met for the first time and elected a National President – Richard McMullen, Vice-President – Carl Jorgensen and Treasurer/Secretary – Carol CairnsPhilippe Bouchard was appointed as Past President. Congratulations to all of our National Board members!

  • Armour, Stuart, Affordable Security Systems
  • Bouchard, Philippe, ADI
  • Cairns, Carol, Cairn Control Systems
  • Caron, Kim, Armstrong’s National Alarm Monitoring
  • de Jager-Duplicki, Anna, Lanvac Surveillance Inc.
  • Demedash, Ellery, E2 Security  
  • Hebb, Gord, Tri-ed
  • Jorgensen, Carl, Titan Products Group Inc.
  • Lazaruk, Shawn, Telsco Security Systems
  • McMullen, Richard, FCi
  • Milsom, John, JONSECURE Inc.
  • Rho, Jean, Consultants Techniques Technilogic Inc.
  • Vella, Mary, API

On behalf of CANASA members and staff, thank you to ALL of these volunteers and organizations for their assistance in spreading the word about our great association!