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Acknowledgements and Accomplishments

Q4 2014

September 18 - Anixter kindly offered CANASA a complimentary booth at their event held in Mississauga, Ontario. Staff members Melanie Robinot and Lisa Padgett attended and were able to convince several suspended members to renew their CANASA membership.

Thank you to the Anixter organization and to the Director of Business Development Stephanie Fairbairn for supporting CANASA.

October 7 - Anixter hosted their annual Showcase event in Calgary, Alberta and graciously allowed CANASA to exhibit free of charge. Staff member Zen Brum distributed membership kits to many interested prospects. Thank you again to Anixter and specifically to Stephanie Fairbairn for her onsite assistance!

October 9 - ADI invited CANASA to participate at their expo in Vancouver, BC. Thanks to John King, Jeremy Taylor and Katlin Burden for helping to facilitate CANASA’s involvement and to the ADI organization for welcoming CANASA to all of their events.

Board member Stuart Armour helped staff member Zen Brum ‘man’ the CANASA booth for the day. Thanks Stu!

November 6, 2014 - CANASA Executive Director JF Champagne, Central Ontario Council representatives Richard McMullen and Joe Rossano, Golden Horseshoe Council representative David Lopinski, and SWO Council representatives Al Herrington and Angelo Bucciarelli attended the Chief’s Gala in Toronto, as did long standing, resigned Ontario Board member Ed Fitchett

Ed, on behalf of Fitch Surveillance Systems, generously donated a 2 hour flight/tour over Toronto, and then doubled the offer during the event’s live auction!  The CANASA volunteers shared their table with two police representatives and felt it was a worthwhile event that helps to build CANASA’s relationship with police services.